Excellence in Billing/Revenue Cycle Management

In the world of billing and revenue cycle management, not all companies are created equal.  Many companies focus solely on industry standard billing services: submitting claims and recording payments received.  These companies fail to appropriately handle underpayments,   lacking the necessary staff and additional resources required to follow-up on every delayed claim and complete the extensive appeals process for every denied claim.

We recognize that our complete commitment to the follow-up and appeals process yields the greatest return for your practice.  PIMS has processes in place to ensure  delayed claims, denials and underpayments are quickly identified and processed.  This includes the uninsured and underinsured growing population.  Our  automation allows us to check the status of a claim almost immediately after submission.  Through a combination of contract modeling and extensive trend analysis, we are able to identify trend denials by payor and type.  Such identification allows us to provide feedback to your practice, as well timely resolution on your claims.

This commitment, combined with our unique Multi-Disciplinary Approach to billing, ensures maximum success throughout every phase of the revenue cycle management process and translates into more monies collected in a timelier manner - a benefit every medical practice deserves, and which all PIMS’ clients receive.

Components Supporting Revenue Cycle Management:
Multiple EDI Systems
Front End Claims Editing
Dialer Messaging System
Electronic Posting (ERA/EFT)
Online Eligibility Verification
Denied Claims Management
Electronic Claims Submission
Account Level Document Management
Extensive Reporting Capabilities Custom to your Practice