Insurance Follow-Up

PIMS’ Insurance Follow-Up Department is staffed with seasoned insurance specialists who have extensive experience with healthcare claims. Our team coordinates efforts with all required parties to ensure appropriate information is provided to the insurance carriers in a timely and accurate method. All claim payments received are verified against expected reimbursement to capture under payments and identify appeal opportunities. PIMS’ Insurance Follow-Up Department appeals denied and underpaid claims on your patients’ behalf to ensure covered services are paid according to the patients’ benefit plans.

Uninsured and Underinsured Collections

As health insurance costs continue to rise, more patients join the ranks of the uninsured or underinsured. PIMS has skilled representatives, specifically trained to deal directly with these scenarios, and to offer a range of financial options to secure payments. PIMS’ representatives actively work patient accounts in order to minimize your bad debt exposure and comply with government regulations.

Systems Interface - The Handoff

PIMS employs a team of programmers specializing in the transfer of data from your practice to our system, ensuring a painless and easy process. Our programmers have the experience necessary to accept data, not only in healthcare specific feeds such as HL7, but in file formats that are specific to the software you have chosen for your practice. In many cases, PIMS designs and builds multiple interfaces in order to capture all of your data timely and in an electronic format. This includes interfacing with physician practice management systems, multi-specialty practice systems, hospital information systems, laboratory information systems, and other off- the-shelf products, as well as homegrown systems. PIMS programmers and MIS staff will work with your practice to ensure your private health information is transmitted to our system accurately, safely, and securely.