Approach to Billing

At PIMS, our philosophy is based on the utilization of an industry-leading billing process to maximize your practice’s financial returns. The cornerstone of this process is PIMS’ Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Billing. The foundation of our unique approach is the carefully developed, intricately specialized billing and follow-up teams.  This level of specialization and expertise allows  billing, appeals, follow-up and reimbursement recovery at an unparalleled industry level.  PIMS recognizes that you work extremely hard to provide the best healthcare possible, and we want to ensure that you receive every penny you deserve.


Government Based Payors

PIMS has extensive experience with government based payors, including Medicare, Medicaid, and TriCare, from the point of credentialing through the special requirements for patient billing of co-payments and deductibles.  PIMS has a separate team for each government program due to their unique requirements.   With our specialized billing teams, PIMS is able to  maintain compliance with the ever-changing government regulations and adapt our front end billing edits to ensure clean claims every time.